Jimmy Nash, Bill and Kim’s youngest son, began singing and co-writing with his parents in 2001. 

This ultimately led them to form the trio, that Jimmy later named, Nash 3. Their family harmony that blended so smoothly created a new and exciting sound that thrilled audiences for about 10 years, at which time, Jimmy began his solo career in 2011. 

Nash 3 produced multiple albums and travelled performing from coast to coast singing their inspirational music at many Churches and National conventions as well as other country/pop venues along the way. They were also commissioned to write multiple theme songs for service- oriented organizations and companies, such as the USO theme song, which was played nationally with actor, Gary Sinise, as the voice over. 

They appeared on National and regional Christian TV quite often and that inspired them to write many Christian and Inspirational songs together. They are all represented in Bill and Kim’s Music Store. 

So, as you listen to their songs, listen for that third voice as they harmonize. You will also hear Jimmy taking the lead, see if you can tell the difference between Bill’s voice and his.